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OLED lighting is the future

Known for Being the Next Best Thing in Lighting Applications and Displays 

OLED or “Organic light emitting diodes” are recognized by many as the next best thing in lighting applications and displays. Much has been said about this technology and its efficient use for displays. It can be used as the best and efficient form of lighting source. It can also be produced in each form along the flexible and transparent panels in various sizes and colors.

OLED truly revolutionizes the space concept and whole lighting. There is no longer a need for additional elements prior to the distribution of lights. As compared to LED lighting and its components that are not a good source of technology, OLED lighting is far better because it has a panel with thin layers.

Each layer has its role to perform; however, its thickness is below one over one hundred of human hair. The thin layer of OLED is sandwiched between negative and positive electrodes. This now emits light when the current is being applied on.

Among the leading players in the industry of OLED lighting are Philips Lumiblade, Lumiotec, Osram Orbeos, General Electricy, Tridonic, Sumitomo Chemical, Kaneka, LG Chem, Konica Minolta and Sumitomo Chemical.


OLED Lighting and Its Applications

OLED lighting is becoming more common for its various applications. It is proven to be useful as a desk lamp in your study room. There will be lighting for shelf display and window that requires light. Even in hospital or healthcare lighting, OLED lighting proved to be more useful.

OLED lighting is also useful for hospital or healthcare lightning that helps the staff and the patients in the continued operations. The elderly can also find their way by this lighting in the environment that they stayed in. They can be comfortable emotionally because of the lighting around. This is a lot better as a form of portable lighting, designed for outdoor-related activities.

In addition, OLED lighting is effective in aircraft and automotive lighting. This is well-integrated into the construction materials like wall or glass. This also served its best purpose for lighting in the studios.


OLED Lighting and Its Advantages

OLED lighting is highly favored by many people because of the following advantages:

  • Ultra Flat & Slim

OLEDs are designed to provide a surface through which light is being emitted. This is produced to be thinner as one point eight millimeters and light-weight

  • Good Color Quality

The soft light of OLED brings out an excellent color. The performance is being rendered while being completely glare-free.

  • Long Lifetime

OLEDs are ready to restore the present light source with something that last for a lifetime. OLEDs can last for a lifetime, or even for fifty-thousand hours that makes it something different from the rest.

  • Energy Efficiency

OLED lighting is excellent in surpassing the efficient levels of Halogen.

  • Eco-Friendly

OLEDs are known to be eco-friendly. They further reduce the emission of carbon dioxide by first consuming a less number of energy. However, this does not contain hazardous substances. This is even recyclable that makes it even worth of the money spent to it.

  • Unlimited Possibilities

There are unlimited possibilities that can be discovered from using OLED lighting. It may even be possible that upon looking at the window, a light will illuminate at night. There will be flexible lighting for the use of people around. The flexible and transparent characteristics of OLEDs make it more appealing in the eyes of people. There are many different uses in this lighting application.


The Status of OLED Lighting

OLEDs are proven to be efficient as a good light source. These lamps do not exactly contain bad metals like mercury.  As mentioned, there are many companies that offer OLED panels. These are only brought out as sample panels that mean they are not real products. They are being produced in fewer costs and small quantities. They served up their purpose of being design kits and light fixtures for professionals.

Almost all of the lighting companies are being engaged in the development and research of OLED. These companies include OSRAM, GE and Philips. There are lots of companies that are being involved like AUO, Konica Minolta, Samsung, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Pioneer and the like. Other companies are after producing OLED panels and there will still be many years to spend in producing OLED panels.

OLED Lighting Devices

After OLED panels are introduced, OLED lamps soon start to appear. Here are the OLED lighting devices to choose from:

“Bernd Unrecht Adjust-S OLED”

These are OLED chandeliers which utilize the Chem’s square of LG. They are usually found in three different sizes of three, six or twelve OLED panels. These lamps offer four-hundred fifty to one-thousand eight-hundred lumens. These OLED panels are featuring a lifetime of forty-thousand hours.

“Prugnale and Nyleve Volker OLED Luminaire”

This is being designed as a big chandelier with multiple wires. This effectively uses sixteen Lumiblade OLEDs. Looking at its design, this is geometrically designed for the best expression of movement and grace.

“OTI Aerelight OLED Desk Lamp”        

This utilizes OLED panel and provides one-thousand lux. This is manufactured from aluminum frame which responds to dimming control, intuitive power and touch. This features its charging pad that charge mobile devices.

“Acuity Brands Nomi”

This utilizes a rectangular shape of OLED lighting panel. This is being set to imitate the candles that are hanging on the wall. Two of the best models under this lighting device are Nomi Curve and Nomi Straight.


This lighting device utilizes two flexible lighting panels. They can further be controlled through the use of Bluetooth along smartphone application. This provides a temperature of four-thousand, brightness of seventy-three lumens.

“Riva 1920 K Blade”

Designed and manufactured from the country of New Zealand, this is reportedly proven to emit two-hundred lumens.

Pugnale and Nyleve Cherub”

There is a light that is seen and is made from OLED frames. As per these frames, they are combined together at their right angle. This can be positioned on consoles, tables and shelves.






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