The Developing Industry of Transparent OLED Displays

Transparent OLED displays are among the subjects nowadays that are frequently undergoing the process of innovation. The integration of the OLED display technology started in mobile devices, including Smartphones and it did not take long before this technology was finally … Read more!


OLED lighting is the future

Known for Being the Next Best Thing in Lighting Applications and Displays  OLED or “Organic light emitting diodes” are recognized by many as the next best thing in lighting applications and displays. Much has been said about this technology and … Read more!


Printable OLED-TVs

OLEDs are the newest form of display technology designed for digital cameras, smart phones and other devices. It is by far estimated that phone displays will reach as high as seventy-one percent in the OLED Market. In the next coming … Read more!


Why OLED Displays?

OLED is better known as the “organic light emitting diode”. This is a certain type of LED that utilizes electroluminescent layer and is composed of compound film. This is acting like a semiconductor wherein the film is being set in … Read more!


Curved flexible OLED-Television and Displays

Why should it be OLED, for the Flexible Display? Recently, we are seeing smartphones, PCs, and TVs with curved displays being continuously introduced one after another. Driven by the expertise of LG Display and LG Electronics, ‘LG G Flex’, a … Read more!