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Plastic OLED: The New Trend in the Techie Displays

What is POLED?

Samsung Displays is ready to showcase a new flexible Plastic OLED on a official Samsung Display video!


Today’s market for the new displays has improved a lot, and with the introduction of LG to the new trending technology innovation on displays, LCD seems to be facing a great competition with OLED.  Will this new innovation be able to match the far reaching benefits that LCD can give? Read on and find out all the details about this new plastic OLED.

What is OLED?

OLED is actually an acronym for Organic Light Emitting Diode. LG, as the manufacturer of the new OLED display across the globe today, has actually declared that the plan for the future of OLED is to make it very thin as well as highly flexible. OLED is integrated with plastic substrate which makes it flexible and while being bendable, it is still operating because of the deposited electroluminescent semiconductor which is organic in it.

The Future with Plastic OLED

Although LCD has been playing a big part in the industry today because of its interesting innovated features, plastic OLED, with LG’s plan of integrating it to the market’s techie gadgets has placed LCD in the background. Plastic OLED is now planned to define the next generation’s displays with unlimited possibilities for its more development.

LG is concentrating to give techie users a more enhanced feature with the help of the plastic OLED. Indeed, with OLED as display, people get the chance to actually view very lush hues on their gadgets which they have never seen before. There are already prototypes of plastic OLED display being showcased but even its manufacturer, LG, found it to be a complicated issue when it is integrated to the TV industry.

OLED has proven to be a very good innovation. This is why LG is focusing to actually bring it to a wider audience by discovering the ways to integrate it in the TV industry. With OLED’s feature of being a completely different form from the usual LCD technology as well as its being new in the industry makes LG’s investment on this technology a wise one.


LCD is a technology display that makes use of a liquid crystal which aims to regulate the transmission of light from a backlight coming from a separate medium. On the other hand, OLED is a very hin and solid state of display which directly emits colored light. Plasmas and CRTs are also other forms which make use of ionized gases with phosphors or an electron beam through a vacuum with phosphors.

OLED display is also proven to produce extremely vivid images that are presented like very real objects. Hence, the “true to life” images that are being dreamt before are now achieved by plastic OLED. And not just that, for OLED has self-emitting pixels which make a hug subtle difference that makes colors very much distinguishable. Plus, with this feature, OLED eliminates the issue of light leakage which made it possible for this display technology to actually offer a highly stunning viewing experience. Its black and white contrast ratio also helped to make it a very successful tech display. Plastic OLED has opened new avenues for greater viewing experience than what people can get from the LCD.

Although LCD has been the number one display technology in the market, still its limitations like giving a relatively narrow angle for viewing and its slow responses affects the viewing experience. Also, LCD has proved to be lagging between the time of reacceptance of the movement of the liquid crystals that it uses and the electrical signal.

A Complete Enjoyable Viewing Experience

The great difference in the display characteristics of LCD and OLED has made OLED a better choice for a display tech. Hence, OLED is now chosen to be the much fitting option to enjoy watching shows on TV. Furthermore, with the vivid images and true to life capturing of events, OLED has made it possible to actually offer TV program viewers especially those who love sport games to watch their favorite sport on a display technology that captures  every minute detail of the show. Indeed, all the actions and blur motions are being captured in the OLED technology.

As aforementioned, OLED’s first edge over LCD is that it offers a wider angle for viewing. Due to this, OLED technology can actually offer a unifrom quality of images from all sides of the monitor, be it the top or bottom, either right or left. What’s more? With OLED clors are not being distorted all across the screen. Thus, OLED makes a suitable tech to create objects characterizing luminousity and free forming. Yes, because of its organic composition, these objects are made to be bendable displays.

Great Proofs for the Edges of OLED Over Other Display Techs

There are already products made of OLED technology which was found to be of very high quality and satisfying for the viewers. Upon the production of the very first OLED techs, LG has conducted a series of events that made use of the plastic OLED. It was found out that all the customers have loved the technological capabilities of OLED as against what is offered by LCD.

Due to these facts and proofs, OLED is the perfect technology when it comes to the curved diplays. And the first fruit of this technology display perfection is seen through LG’s newest flexible OLED measuring 18 inches and featuring the greatest HD resolution with a million of pixles plus a 30R of curvature. This OLED display is considered to be the world’s largest display of its kind. Hence, OLED has triggered a breakthrough towards the first step in manufacturing display technologies that are transparent, flexible and large.

OLED Tech Going for More Developments

The plan for OLED has never ceased that it is now a plan of LG to integrate this display technology even to wearble gadgets. Thanks to the passionate commitment of the engineers of LG that they are able to achieve this seemingly unachievable goal.

And now the public is just waiting for the actual release of these OLED integrated technologies for greater viewing experience.

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