Sharp presents prototypes of 3.4 inch bendable OLEDs

According to news items from Japan, Sharp has developed a new 3.4″ bendable OLED prototype. With a resolution of 540×960 (corresponds to 326 PPI), the AMOLED’s aperture ratio is 57% and has a thickness of just 70um. While the backplane is IGZO, the panel has a weight of 2 grams and a bending of a radius of 10mm is possible.

The real novelty of this item, the technological breakthrough, may be questioned though. The panel reminds us of the OLEDs Sharp introduced 4 years ago at the SID. Sharp has developed a tandem structure that guarantees that the display will be long lasting and be free of problems regarding shifting colours.

If the presentation means a real technological breakthrough or was more intended to be part of a marketing strategy remains to be seen. Don’t forget that FoxConn and Sharp had a deal worth 3.5 billion USD with a plan to invest USD 1.8 billion in OLED technology as FoxConn is trying to become a further supplier of OLEDs for Apple.


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